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The Presence of Modesty in Fashion

12.12.2018 •  ANIR

What Does Modest Fashion Mean?

Although fashion is usually taken as something very modern and out of the box dressing sense, it is certainly much more than that. When we talk about fashion, the first thing that comes in the mind is something too revealing or extraordinarily different than what we usually wear. However, according to the correct definition of fashion, it is a term used for the correct way of doing something, especially the sense of dressing. This means that fashion cannot and should not be related only to clothes with a revealing look. 

The Middle East and UAE fashion market has always remained very thoughtful of this fact which makes it popular and distinguished among the others.

Fashion is anything that one feels comfortable while adopting and does not disturb or disappoints the surroundings. When we talk about clothes, fashion, and modesty, then the current era is very supportive in this regard. Designers are making dresses and introducing trends that are suitable for people who belong to different fashion categories. Even the western culture and fashion market are adopting positive points from the UAE and Middle East fashion marketplaces such as head caps, long skirts, gowns, and long sleeves etc. 

Therefore, modest fashion does really exist, and it can be definitely experimented without crossing the lines of modern and conventional modesty.


Examples of modest fashion

Modest fashion styles can be chosen according to personal style preferences which might vary according to age and other physical factors. If someone chooses to wear jeans with a long top and sleeves and also pair it up a headscarf then it is something which they think is modest. Whereas some women’s idea of modesty might be a flowing dress in the form of a long skirt, baggy top, minimal jewelry, and covered head. 

Designers like  Anna Morgun, Gala by Ameera, and Vafa Adams have gathered quite a positive response for their fashion experiments. From abayas to gowns and kaftans, designers like Sophy G specifically create stylish dresses for women who choose to remain modest yet fashionable. 












Some of the examples of modest fashion are:


  • Bell bottoms with a high-waist loose top. 
  • An overcoat and scarf. 
  • Stylish tops with long skirts or loose pants. 
  • Full-length tights, fitted shirt, and denim jacket. 
  • Oversized sweaters paired up with pajamas. 

Modesty has not got anything to do with being religious. In fact, it is something that displays one’s beliefs and the idea of virtue plus constraint. If someone does not feel good in revealing their skin, then it is their personal and respectable choice. Similarly, if someone chooses to remain modest while dressing up and it does not match your idea of modesty then it does not mean they’re doing it wrong.

Images sourse: whowhatwear.com, fashionunited.uk

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