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The Modified Fashion Trends of 2018

12.12.2018 •  ANIR

If there is one thing in the fashion world which needs consideration and influence before releasing the final product then that is the meaning behind the popular style statement. This is due to the reason that people who follow the trends are answerable to the viewers as to why they chose to opt for the style. The option of wearing specific clothing, jewelry, or shoe design is everyone’s own right which should not be challenged by anyone. 

Fortunately and unlike the recent years, the fashion trends of 2018 were applauded and appreciated by everyone across the globe. They were encouraged for being modest enough to be adopted by every ordinary person with trends such as the silhouettes, long sleeves, skirts, gowns, and overcoats. 

This is also why the trends were also called modified yet chic because they were inspired by the previous collections that had gained positive consumer reactions. 

Modesty cannot be ignored while dressing up wisely as it represents a decent personality. Most of the fashionistas believe that fashion is anything that is stylish yet comfortable. This is why the modest dressing sense is appreciated by the masses due to the fact that long and unrevealing dresses make the person feel relaxed too without any insecurities and complexes. If someone follows a different set of beliefs and ideas, then it is also totally acceptable as a gesture of empathy. 

So, this is exactly what the fashion trends of 2018 speak volumes about. Also, apart from modesty, the old fashion is also trending nowadays like animal prints and over-sized coats for winter especially.


The Summer collection of 2018


Summers are just the right time to experiment with different looks because of the freedom to wear that’s light and not so fancy. 2018 was no different when designers introduced some awesome yet inspiring styles for men and women both. From robe abayas to long silhouettes, women looked absolutely stunning in the royal look displayed through the elegant attire. Other than that, the animal prints are in fashion again which were once considered to be unappealing. Celebrities with a style statement such as Victoria Beckham has also been spotted multiple times flaunting the animal printed long coat, jacket, tops, and pajamas. 

Also, vibrant colors were the talk of the town this summer when popular style icons and fashion designers were seen wearing and supporting dark vibrant colors in their attire.

The winter collection of 2018


The winter collection is one of the most awaited styles when people look forward to flaunting some modish and dapper looks. In 2018, designers experimented with the head caps and scarves to go with the long, knee-length dresses such as gowns and silhouettes. Women are given an option to buy an extra piece of clothing with the dresses like leggings and soft fabric overcoat. Apart from this, leather, check prints, and high-neck collars were also reintroduced in the fashion market which looked absolutely stunning during winter evenings.

Images are from popsugar.com, vogue.com, fridaymagazine.ae, womenstuff.co.za and ubmfashion.com

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