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ANIR.com’s mission is to offer the best quality services in GCC. The “ANIR-Co” services provide customers the benefits of the best shopping experience with extra fast delivery to their doorsteps. Our quality control process ensures that products are delivered fast and in proper package. “ANIR-Co” extends the delivery services for orders to plenty of customers in the GCC region. “ANIR-Co” gives to designers an opportunity to save money for storage, shipping, packing, and provide customer service for their items. 

Also, designers who are not based in the UAE can apply for “ANIR-Co” services to sell their items in GCC countries through www.ANIR.com

Benefits of joining ANIR-Co:

• Your products get promoted higher in search, Google Ads and SMM

• Quality check, storage, packing of your products when customers order them

• Same day shipping of your products to the customer with ANIR preferred courier partners including fast delivery option.

• Customer service and returns handling.

• Your products are eligible for customer pickup, and international shipping.

• You are more likely to become a TOP-designer.


Registration process for ANIR-Co

To register for ANIR-Co you need to follow below steps: 

  1. Register on our website as a seller. List your items for sale on the website. *If you don’t have a stock in Dubai, send us an email to pr@anir.com first to discuss the details.
  2. To be considered for the program, send us an email to pr@anir.com with a subject “ANIR-Co application”.
  3. We will reply to potential sellers directly and offer them our ANIR-Co solution.
  4. You will deliver your items along with the list of items to our storage facility.


Recall of your ANIR-Co products from storage facilities

You may request to have your inventory returned to you at any time by sending an email from your registered on the website email ID. These items will be prepared and will be made ready in our storage facility for you to pick up within 10 days. After processing the return, our storage will keep the items ready to be picked up by the owner for five working days, if items are not collected within this period an extra charge of AED 1 per item per day will apply.


Orders, complaints and support for ANIR-Co products

If an order is received for ANIR-Co products, the products will be picked, packed, and shipped from our storage facility by our operation members, and will be delivered to the customer. You do not need to do anything, not even confirm the order.

ANIR customer service agents are going to handle product support for ANIR-Co products. Complaints and feedback will still show in the account/email for you to track, but they will not be actionable.


Monitoring of sales and payments of ANIR-Co products

On your account you will see your available for collection payments, your orders, refunds and complaints. Also we will send you email updates.


Delivery of ANIR-Co items to storage facility

For now you/courier will need to drop off your items to our storage facility. We will not provide a pickup service for ANIR-Co products.


Documents that are required for ANIR-Co items drop-off

You need to bring soft copy of pictures of your items (if you did not list your items for sale on the website yet) and a copy of the shipping notice which contains following information for each item:

  • Item Type (Dress, T-shirt, Bag)
  • Serial Number
  • Listing Price (Including all applicable TAXes)
  • Stock Quantity
  • Item Weight
  • Item Materials Description
  • Pre-order time (in days) if applicable


Quality inspection for ANIR-Co products

ANIR-Co products are subject to quality inspection and can be reviewed to insure the items are in new and fine condition. Opened items will be repacked and sold ordinarily on site. Any item that does not pass quality inspection won’t be accepted by our storage facility, and will be returned back to you.


Maximum amount of ANIR-Co items

The Seller can allocate any Products that it sells according to the Site Terms as ANIR-Co Products (provided such ANIR-Co Products weight, when fully packaged, no more than 100 items per Seller and no more than 10 units (1m*1m each) for the UAE country.


Loss or damage of Seller’s items.

If there is a loss of or damage to any ANIR-Co Products while they are being stored, we will, as your sole remedy, reimburse you in accordance with our guidelines :

Reimbursement will be calculated as follows:

Listed price -17,6%, for example, listed price is 400 dirhams.

In case of damage during storage or delivery you will get for the item: 400-17.6%=329,6 dirhams. 

You will provide to us a valid tax invoice for the compensation paid to you. If we reimburse you for a ANIR-Co Products, we will be entitled to dispose this ANIR-Co Product.


ANIR-Co fees

Subject to the payment of any Fees set out in the Site Terms generally for the provision of Services and the making available the Site for the purposes of selling Products, the ANIR-Co Services are currently provided without additional charge to Sellers. ANIR retains the right to charge Sellers the ANIR-Co Fees for the ANIR-Co Services on the expiry of 30 days’ notice (ANIR-Co Fees Notice Period). The current indicative cost of each of the ANIR-Co Services is set out in on the Site at https://www.anir.com/commission-and-fees/ . 


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