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Commission and Fees

ANIR Commission for UAE and other countries sellers (Consignment from our warehouse)

Sellers pay a commission fee on each item sold on ANIR.COM. For all products, ANIR deducts the applicable commission fee calculated on the total sales price of the item, excluding VAT (for VAT registered sellers).

For all sellers there is an ongoing promotion for comission fees until May 31st, 2019. 


The Total Fee will be calculated according to each category item type as per the below:

Total Fee for UAE sellers = Commission + online payment fee 2,6% + VAT 5%

Total Fee for other contries sellers (Consignment from our warehouse) = Commission + online payment fee 2,6% + VAT 5% + Import Fee 5%


Commission fees vary by category and by the way of cooperation, as listed below.

Category Marketplace Commission Consignment from our
warehouse Commission
Clothing 10% 10%
Jewelry 10% 10%
Accessories / Bijoux 10% 10%
Footwear 10% 10%


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