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12.12.2018 •  ANIR
The Presence of Modesty in Fashion

What Does Modest Fashion Mean? Although fashion is usually taken as something very modern and out of the box dressing sense, it is certainly much more than that. When we talk about fashion, the fir...

12.12.2018 •  ANIR
The Modified Fashion Trends of 2018

If there is one thing in the fashion world which needs consideration and influence before releasing the final product then that is the meaning behind the popular style statement. This is due to the re...

12.12.2018 •  ANIR
Amato. Sensational Couture Concept

If you live in Dubai and are interested in the Middle East fashion industry, then Amato must not be a new name to you. Amato, which means ‘Beloved’ in Italian is a popular style venture introduce...

27.11.2018  •  ANIR
The Evolution of Abaya Trends

Different styles of the modern abaya The abaya is a outwear, a cover with buttons, laces, and clips to close from the front. It comes in various designs and styles for Muslim women and girls of all ...

20.10.2018  •  Sophy G
A story of a girl and her doll

Inspired by the eternal ideals of a woman’s beauty, confidence, freedom, and tenderness. As a little girl, I used to immerse myself for hours in playing with my toys. Small talks abou...

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